Terms & Conditions



1. Terms and conditions:

All the users and visitors of this website must go through the following terms and conditions before using the services of Academics Online. These terms apply to all the users and visitors of this website. In the following statement of terms and conditions, “We”, “us”, “our” etc. refer to Academics Online and “you” refers to student/students, guardians, parents or any individual or organisation using our services or visiting our website.

2. Copyright Statement:

The content of this website is exclusively owned by Academics Online and a copyrighted material of Academics Online. You may collect printed copy of the content for non-commercial use.
All the rights mentioned in the policy section are reserved with Academics Online.
No permission or authorization is granted to anyone for using the content of this website for a commercial purpose or modifying or manipulating it for other purposes.

3. Limitation on the usage of service:

You must have crossed the 10 Years of age prior to subscribe to the services of Academics Online. For using the services of Academics Online while you are under 10 years of age, you must have the consent of your parents or the legal guardians.
You are granted with limited authority of using our services for personal and non-commercial use. You are only granted the authority of modifying, downloading, distributing, displaying, performing, transmitting, publishing, reproducing, duplicating or offering for sale any information collected from Academics Online, after collecting written consent from the Academics Online authority.
By registering or using the service of Academics Online, you affirm to use the information provided by us only for the study purpose, and you must not submit this information as original student work as solutions of educational assignments for collecting course credit or grade.
The service provided by Academics Online is personally for you, and you are not granted to transfer your right of accessing the services or course material to another person unless we have reciprocally agreed to do so.
Any violation of the above- mentioned terms and conditions regarding the usage of Academics Online or the services offered by Academics Online would terminate your licence and registration, immediately.

4. Liability and limitations:

We are always eager to assist you in accessing our service. However, we are not liable for an interruption of delay in accessing the website.
We are not liable or responsible for any damage or data loss from your PC or any other system, server or network.
We use the credible and well-trusted software. Our professionals are dedicated to put their best for ensuring smooth operation. However, we do not guarantee 100% error free access to our website.
We reserve the right to suspend the access to our website for scheduled maintenance or website updates. We are not liable for interrupted access or non-access to the website for link failure or disturbance in equipment or any issues which are beyond our control.
We are not liable and responsible for the student’s failure as the assignment help is a subjective matter. However, we have qualified tutors who invest their best effort to assist the students in solving their assignments, and the students are recommended to use the solution as a guide only.
We offer reworks in the case of any contravention (or avoidance of points) of the initial requirement file provided by you. However, you can claim no refund whatsoever as an assignment, or our service is considered as product and once delivered to you is recognised as a product sold.

5. Revision and refund:

If you decide to cancel your order before the code generation of your order and its deliverance to you, you are allowed to order another assignment of the same value, free of cost. However, if you are received with the code generated for your order, then you must continue with it. We follow this policy as we care for the rights of the writers and he/she should get the compensation for an allocated code.
If you identify that you are charged twice for same code and receive two receipts, from the payment processing system (i.e. PayPal.com and WorldRemit), please contact us ASAP. Forward both the receipts to a related email and the extra payment will be refunded in full within the shortest possible time.
We are committed and eager to serve our best in appointing the most appropriate tutor for working on your assignment. However, on rare occasions, it can also be possible that we fail to find a tutor for your assignment. In such cases, we serve the next assignment of the same value FREE OF COST.
You are requested and recommended to provide all the paper details, requirement files, additional materials at the time of placing your order. In the case of failure in delivering the first version of assignment, an increased quality paper will be provided to you so the late submission penalty must not affect the overall grade.
We ensure free reworks until the fulfilment of the initial set of requirements. However, it must be ordered (Rework order) within 30 days of the deliverance of the solution file. No rework request will be entertained after 30 days of placing the Assignment order.
Although we ensure you will never get a “fail” grade in your assignment, in case it does, we assure you 100% refund as cash point. However, for claiming the refund, you will need to submit authentic “Fail” proof within 30 days of the assignment completion.
We assure you to provide the FREE OF COST assignment of the same value if your claim of receiving a “fail” grade is proved to be genuine. However, we reassure you no such experience will take place, while your assignment is trusted with us.
NOTE: if your claim does not fulfil the above-written categories then it will be considered as invalid, and no refund will be made.

6. Privacy policy:

We respect your rights and understand our concerns related to the privacy and security of your personal details. We consider it as our ethical duty to inform you our privacy policy.
All your information provided to us is strictly kept within the company.
No information related to the student is provided to third parties.
No information related to the tutor is provided to third parties.
All your payments can be done with PayPal and WorldRemit, and all your information will remain secure.
We reserve the right to disclose your personal information as required by law and in case we believe that the discolour is essential to protect our rights and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order or any legal process served on our website.
We reserve the sole right to modify or change these privacy rights without any notice being served. Hence, we request you review it at frequent intervals. Any changes made to the policy will be updated on the website, and your continued use of the service or software constitutes your agreement to be bound by such changes.

7. Charges:

All rights of charging membership or subscription fees for using the service of Academics Online are reserved by us exclusively.


In the case of any of the terms as mentioned above becomes unenforceable as a whole or in part, the validity of other terms of the contract will be unaffected.

9. Amendments:

The sole right to amend the terms and conditions (without serving notice to you) is reserved with us. The latest version of terms of conditions will suspend and terminate the previous versions.

10. Termination:

We reserve the right to dismiss whole or part of the service agreement at any time.

11. Entire agreement:

The Terms of Service in the latest agreement will suspend and terminate the previous agreements.

12. Subscription:

With the registration or subscription of our service, you accept to receive subscription e-mail, service updates and promotional offers from Academics Online.